Hi new customer, the bowl on your hand is very special, it is made by our artisans in Nepal and hand-hammered by them. Please take care of it, because the bowl will last forever if you give it good care. 

This is William Ha from Maas Collection, I will give you a very simple "how to play" so you try it on your bowl:

1. Hold the base of the bowl in the palm of your hand or on your fingertips. Don't grab it with your finger because it can stop the vibration. Tilt the bowl towards you at a slight angle.

2. Hold the mallet supplied with your bowl from the top with the fingertips pointing downwards.

3. To warm up the bowl ready for play, strike the mallet gently again on the side. Keep your wrist straight.

4. Now, rotate the base of the mallet slowly around the rim of the bowl.

5. The rotation may take a few circles before making any sound. Be patient and try again if you are unsuccessful on the first try. It took us a week or more to master the skill.

6. Sound to less or too short. Please call 626-216-0117, I can help you exchange or teach you how to play.

Here is the video if you want to check it out: (252) How to play singing bowl from Maas Collections - YouTube